Tinotenda Kambasa

Name: Tinotenda Kambasa

Date of Birth: August 11, 2004

Sex: Male

Tinotenda is the first child in a family of three. He has 2 brothers and a sister. Being the eldest Tinotenda has been a good role model for his siblings and has an outstanding record at school. He is one of the best in his class. He has interests in science and agriculture. Tinotenda has joined the debate club and quiz club where he is one of the junior debaters at his school. Tinotenda’s father is a farm worker at a local flower farm and the mother is unemployed. Tinotenda’s father has a great desire for Tinotenda to be very successful but he struggles in providing everything he requires at school. Tinotenda is a bright young kid who has great potential to exceed in life and he hopes to study Agricultural Science at a top university. 


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