Tinotenda Kambasa

D.O.B: August 11, 2004
Gender: Male
Home Town: Concession, Zimbabwe
Grade: 12

Tinotenda, the eldest among his siblings, serves as a shining example for his 2 other siblings, displaying both academic excellence and resilience despite financial challenges stemming from his father's employment as a farm worker and his mother's unemployment. Alongside his academic achievements, Tinotenda excels in handball, earning a spot on the first team, showcasing his dedication to both sports and teamwork. Looking forward, Tinotenda aspires to pursue higher education at the University of Zimbabwe, focusing on tourism and culture studies to deepen his understanding of African life.Tinotenda remains unwavering in his determination to achieve his goals, driven by a desire to contribute positively to his community and forge a bright future for himself and his family.

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