Mina Cup

The Mina Cup is silicone cup designed to help young girls manage their menstrual flow in a way that prevents them from missing school during their cycle. With our AG 20/20 Capital Campaign, we hope to educate and provide cups for 200 young girls. We will also teach the boys in their school what all this means. In this endeavor, we are partnering with MinaCup.org.


  • Transform the lives of young girls and women through social development initiatives.
  • Touch as many women and young girls on the continent and beyond – we want to enhance the quality of their lives.
  • Raise awareness that the menstrual cup is a safe, cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative.
  • Free women from the financial burden of taking care of their personal hygiene needs
  • Contribute towards the education of women and the progress of society.
  • Provide a practical solution for young girls that directly reduces the number of days missed at school.


Mina is made out of 100% medical silicone which makes her resilient, soft and flexible.

Mina collects, rather than absorbs, menstrual fluid.

Economical: 1 cup lasts up to 5 years  •  Efficient: Provide 6-12 hours of leak free protection depending on flow  •  Easy to clean: just needs water or tissue to clean, can be easily sterilized in hot water  •  Allows more physical activity: drama free  •  Pain free: you can’t even feel her  •  Mina creates a vacuum seal to prevents leaks