Mathkind believes mathematics education creates a more equitable world.

Founded in 2014, Mathkind was established to create summer travel opportunities for US teachers to support their peers in developing countries. Since then, we have grown from a small group of committed educators to a global network of researchers and local leaders collaborating year-round to transform mathematics instruction through high-quality, grassroots programs.

Today, we work directly with educators and in partnership with schools that are committed to providing a high-quality education but face systemic barriers.

Our professional development programs empower local teachers with evidence-based best practices. Teachers learn new strategies at our workshops and are supported by local Mathkind team members to apply them in their classrooms. Graduates of Mathkind programs develop into leaders who coach their colleagues. This learn—apply—lead approach articulates a clear, measurable path to generating student outcomes in critical thinking and problem-solving.

The power of Mathkind’s model comes from an expert network of world-renowned mathematics educators. We’re an innovative nonprofit with the expertise of an established research institution. By building collaborative partnerships between expert coaches and local teachers, classrooms are transformed and student learning deepens.