Amina's Gift Sponsorship Program

The education of children is our primary goal at Amina's Gift. In order to create a more personal connection, we encourage individual donors to support the child of their choice. As a donor, you will get to follow the progress of the child, watching them grow into lively, salty teenagers and then well-educated adults.

At Amina's Gift, we believe that once we begin paying to send a kid to school, we should continue that support until they graduate. If they get accepted into the university or a technical school, we will do everything we can to pay for that as well. Our goal is to help them become smart, healthy adults.

We are currently supporting 69 kids that range from Grade 1 through Grade 12. We pay for the school fees, uniforms, shoes, school supplies, field trips, transportation (bikes), tutoring, mentoring, health care and food.


If you decide to sponsor a child, we hope that you will continue the support until they graduate. Any donations not used in one calendar year will be carried over to the next year. 

Cost for sponsoring a child:

Primary school:  $125 per year

Secondary school: $350 per year

We would be delighted to talk with you about how you can help sponsor a child. Kate Hardy is one of our board members and she works directly with the kids. She will keep in touch with you and provide updates. Please contact her with any questions about the kids.

Kate Hardy