All of us at Amina's Gift have been busy making plans for 2022 and are looking forward to another successful year. 

AG 20/20: A Campaign for Kids

Amina's Gift is launching a Capital Campaign to raise $20,000 in 2020. Our largest endeavor thus far, we are hoping to make the lives of our Zimbabwe kids even better. We are targeting Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, and Healthy Places.

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Healthy Minds

An expansion of the Happy Readers project that will teach primary kids how to read in English.

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Healthy Bodies

We will be providing the girls in our organization with the Mina Cup to help manage their menstrual cycle and prevent them from missing school during this time. Just as importantly, we teach the boys what this means.

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Healthy Place

We will be building our first library in Zimbabwe. It will allow our students a safe, quiet place to study at night when there are no lights at their homes. It will be a place that encourages a culture of reading.

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