Tadiwanashe Amon

D.O.B: 14 February, 2004
Gender: Male
Home Town:Concession
Grade: 12

Tadiwanashe lives in a family of 6 on a farm compound in concession with his mother and father who is a farm worker. Tadiwa had to delay going to school due to lack of funds as the family income was not sufficient. The economic circumstances of the family had forced the family to prioritize putting food on the table first and leaving little resources for other necessities. Kids like Tadiwanashe are the family's hope for a better future, he has made some significant achievements since being with aminas gift like winning the best project at the science fair as well as excelling in Maths and Geography. Tadiwa hopes to one day become an engineer ad he loves finding problems in his community and fixing the solutions. He is also a good soccer player.

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