Munashe Chigora

D.O.B: 18 July 2001
Gender: Male
Home Town: Concession, Zimbabwe
Grade: 13

Munashe is the fourth child in a family of seven siblings and lives with his parents. Currently in his final year at Chipadze High School, Munashe is preparing for his final exams. His subject choices are geography, maths, and vet science. These choices reflect his dream of becoming a veterinarian. We see his passion for animals at his current school as he has undertaken a project where he cares for chickens and goats, ensuring that they get all their injections and are well-fed. Munashe was elected as the head boy, which displays his strong leadership qualities, showcasing his potential for leadership roles. Being so clever, it's no wonder his favourite hobby is playing chess. Despite facing economic challenges, Munashe's unwavering determination and clear vision for the future illustrate his resilience and dedication to his aspirations.

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