Munashe Chigora

Munashe is the 5th child in a family of seven. Munashe’s father and mother are both unemployed and survive on subsistence farming, which is barely enough to sustain the family. With survival taking precedence, the education of the children is secondary, so much so that the youngest child in the family has never received an education.

Despite this and with the little educational exposure, Munashe has displayed great leadership potential and was appointed school head-boy in grade seven. His love for chess is a testament to his impressive critical thinking skills. Such potential should not be neglected. Munashe is a young man with a great vision and career prospects in engineering.  

Age: 19

Date of Birth: 18 July 2001

Current School:  Danhiko High School

Current Education level: Form 3 (equivalent of Grade 10)

Place of Residence: Concession, Zimbabwe

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