Kupakwashe Maziofa

Name: Kupakwashe Maziofa

Date of Birth: March 27, 2005

Sex: Female

Guardian: Mother

Kupakwashe Maziofa is the youngest child in a family of three. Her father died in 2006 and at that time Kupakwashe was only 7 months old. Since then, her mother has struggled to support her older brother and sister through primary and secondary school. Her mother once had a small business selling vegetables but over the years it became unsustainable. More recently her mother has been diagnosed with a cardiac problem and has a difficult time working. Kupakwashe is a passionate young girl who is curious and adventurous. Kupakwashe is a good student and has good grades. She plays soccer for her school and recently participated for Amina’s Gift at a local soccer tournament. Her aspirations in life are to excel in academics, go to the university and become an accountant.

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