Nicole Phiri

Nicole lives with her mother in Mvurwi since her father died in 2017. Her father Nimrod Phiri, was a famous sculptor in Germany especially from 2013-2017 and he was based at Tengenenge. Nicole was born on the 19th of November 2003 and they are four in their family, three boys and one girl and she is the third born. Nicole is now form 2 at Mvurwi High and she is the Junior Parliamentarian in Mazowe North Constituency. She is very good in volleyball and she has played for juniors at National level, winning a gold medal in 2016. She is in the best class and she is very competitive intellectually. Nicole loves public speaking and debating and she usually reads a lot of literature and religious studies. She looks forward to be a lawyer and a writer. She was the best public speaker in her constituency. Her mother is not working. Her eldest brother is a truck driver and sustains the family. She is a strict-principled young lady. She is so happy that she now has a Kindle, she can exchange books with others via Bluetooth and shareit. Nicole also likes music, as she says it inspires her. Nicole concludes by saying, ‘I want to be the best lawyer in Zimbabwe, take care of her family and also to help other vulnerable children’.

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